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Debbie Sawicki-Lake’s Bio

Debbie Sawicki-Lake

Born and raised in the sun and sea breezes of southern California, Debbie grew up a stone’s throw from the Santa Barbara pier and a bike ride from the Santa Ynez Mountains.  Always captivated by the horizon beyond the surf, she learned to sail at the helm of a J24 international class racing sailboat. Someday she knew she would follow the evening sun just to see where it went each night.

Deb StreamNever one to think only of herself, Debbie discovered her passion for helping others at an early age. That interest would ultimately lead to a bachelor’s degree and professional teaching certificate from the University of California. With characteristic enthusiasm, boundless energy, and a healthy appetite for adventure, she set off on a professional career in education that had her jetting across the globe to teaching posts in places like Singapore and The People’s Republic of China.

While immersed in the cultures and languages of expatriate life, Debbie envisioned ways to leverage her knowledge and experience to help people from all walks of life live deeper and more fulfilling lives.  She returned to the United States to complete advanced studies in psychology from the University of North Florida, earning her master’s degree and counseling licensure in the field of mental health counseling.

Deb GuatemalaDebbie is widely recognized for her focus on relationships, and she started Positive Steps as a way to help individuals, couples, and families develop the understanding and skills that enable more satisfying, more functional lives. She is perhaps best known for her skills working with couples who face challenges stemming from affairs and cheating, family or financial stress, substance or alcohol use, individual anxieties, or any of the other situations that make being married a challenge.

She is recognized by the Florida Supreme Court as a Certified Family Mediator and Qualified Parent Coordinator, and she works frequently with families dealing with the challenges that arise from divorce, remarriage, or the blending of two families under a single roof.

Debbie has served in professional counseling roles with students at the University of Central Florida, the University of North Florida, and with the families and students of private schools in greater Orlando.