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About the Positive Steps Team

Mt. EverestDebbie Sawicki-Lake and Scot Lake first envisioned Positive Steps in 1996 while leading a group of globally conscientious teens on a trek through the Annapurna massif in Nepal. There, within sight of the summit of Mt. Everest, the soon-to-be husband-wife team discussed plans to build a lifetime around their passion for helping others live lives that are both meaningful and deeply fulfilling.

Seasoned global travelers, international educators, sailors, and adventurers, Sailboat in the oceanDebbie and Scot have lived and traveled across six of our planet’s seven continents. They returned to the US in 1999 to start a family, pursue advanced studies in psychology, and create the kind of life-affirming enterprise that would ultimately become Positive Steps.

As part of their vision, Positive Steps Counseling emerged in 2004. Positive Steps is a collaborative effort, with Debbie focusing on counseling, strengthening and promoting the health and functioning of individuals and their relationships, while Scot focuses on consulting, using his expertise in leadership to strengthen and grow mental health counseling practices of all kinds.

CScot and Debbie Canoeonceptually, Positive Steps is about helping our clients develop the knowledge, skills, insights, and behaviors they need to improve their lives and the lives of those they love— to make them more fulfilling, more functional, more interesting, more effective, more exciting, more meaningful—but that’s the microscopic view of what we do. Our lives don’t exist in isolation, and Positive Steps is equally concerned with empowering all of us to widen our “circle of compassion,”  to improve our relationship with the rest of our world. Idealistic, perhaps, but we like to think that Positive Steps is about making the world a better place for both ourselves and for the children who will someday inherit it from us.