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Scot Lake’s Bio

Scot had his first real adventure at four years old when he dove into the Muskegon River to retrieve a rowboat that had slipped from shore and was swept out into the current. After 100 yards of desperate, panic-stricken swimming, he caught up to the boat, hauled himself over the side, and lay panting in the warm afternoon sun. There on his back, he discovered the true excitement and temporary terror of real independence as he drifted around the first of many river bends, out of sight from his parents who still had not noticed his absence.

From that moment on, Scot has seized every opportunity to round the next bend.

Scot in OregonAs a school teacher in 1991, Scot was still rounding river bends—this time though, in dugout canoes on the Amazon River with 75 of his students in tow. The program he devised, a series of river bends in itself, would last 10 years and became known as Earth Echo, a year-long adolescent leadership development experience traveling to and studying international environmental issues throughout the United States, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, and Nepal.

Scot CruisingWith this hands-on experience building teams of young people who were capable of international expedition travel and study, Scot decided to apply what he had learned while directing the program.  Pointing the bow of his 38-foot sailboat south, he sailed from Michigan to Florida where he pursued advance studies in organizational psychology at the University of Central Florida. Upon graduation in 2005, he found a demand for consulting with and developing leadership teams for Fortune 500 clients such as Ford Motor Company, Sprint, Darden Restaurants, and Green Mountain Coffee.

Scot CanyoneeringWilling to share his skills with big business for a time, Scot now consults exclusively with mental health therapists who wish to grow healthy, successful, private practices—private practices that provide life-changing results not only  for the  the clients they serve, but also for therapists and their families.